Art direction, animation, graphic design, music composition, print, television, mobile apps, javascript, HTML, Flash, write/shoot/edit. If it involves looking, listening & imagination, I've done it professionally.

I also know how to juggle, how to hot-wire a car and I make a mean eggs benedict.
Face it, working with anyone else would be downright silly.

Check out some samples of my work below, or just e-mail me at and let's do this thing.

Web Design: Illeana Douglas

Animation: "Quality Time"

Print: Beefeater

Print: Doublemint

Original Music: Bubbletape

Explainer Animation: Pinfluence

TV: Juicy Fruit

Web Design: Quality Time

Print: Kiss My Face

TV: Career Builder

Original Music: Bubbletape

After Effects/
Motion Graphics:

Original Music: Juicy Fruit

Print: Red Bull

TV: Career Builder

So here's the "about" on me:

I graduated from the University of Florida (in just three years, thank you very much) with a B.A. in English. I wanted to see more of the world, so I got a job as a Creative at J.I.M. Advertising in Hamburg, Germany (yes, I speak fluent German).

After a few years of seeing the world (well, Europe, anyway) I was ready to see the States again and was lucky enough to land an Art Director position at Leo Burnett in Chicago.

For six months of the year, Chicago is without a doubt the greatest city on earth, which is why I stayed for almost ten years - working as an Art Director and Associate Creative Director at Hal Riney and BBDO, and freelancing at practically every other major Chicago agency.

During this time, I was also composing original commercial music, and in 2002 I co-founded Acetone Music. Eventually, the "other" six-months in Chicago got to be a bit much for this Florida-boy, so in 2005 I made the move to L.A and opened up Das Music while still freelancing as a Creative, Web-Developer and 2-D Animator (and spending entirely too much time surfing & sailing).

"Great!" you're saying, "what's in it for me?" - well, take a look at some of my work & check out my technical capabilities below to see what I can do to help make your dreams come true. Then, just shoot me an e-mail and we can get the ball rolling. I'm very helpful that way.