Thunderdikk is just one of Silas Hite's many musical side-projects. And if you're going to have a side-project, it may as well include an umlaut and a 357 Magnum.
A break during an 'Off the Map' scoring session at Warner Brothers' Eastwood Scoring Stage. Pictured above are BMI's Lisa Feldman, Ben Decter, conductor Marco d’Ambrosio, and BMI's Ray Yee.

Proof that Silas Hite knows how to rock.
Ben Decter enjoying the perks of scoring at Warner Brothers.
'The Record Breaker' - scored by Silas Hite, getting a little love from some outfit called the 'New York Times'.

Did we mention Silas is 20-feet tall?
Ben Decter at Sundance with BMI's Doreen Ringer-Ross, co-composer Marco d'Ambrosio & "We Live in Public" director Ondi Timoner." checks in with 3pop's Silas Hite to drool over some of his favorite tools of the trade.