A Fast Morning Montage

High Class Sound

Quirky to Hip Hop Bossa Nova

Martini "El Toro"

Now that Mr. Clooney has a Mrs., we thought we'd re-present an oldie-but-goodie scored by Silas Hite back from when "el Toro" was still wild & free.

Starburst "Baja California"

Cinco de Mayo means it's time for a party. And sometimes, that fiesta's in your mouth.
But no matter where it is, that party's gonna need music.

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Discussion Questions
Discussion Questions

3pop's Silas Hite hasn't just been to the Whitney Museum, he's in it, as part of the 2014 Whitney Biennial.


We make commercial music you'd actually want to hear. Check us out on Soundcloud and hear for yourself.


Apple "Re-Start"

The Mac turns 30 this year, and we think Silas Hite's playful track for one of Apple's most iconic campaigns is also worth celebrating.

Juicy Fruit "Stuck"

Sharing is caring.
Unless it involves Juicy Fruit, in which case it's out of the question.

CBS - Hostages

3pop's Ben Decter scores the new Jerry Bruckheimer production "Hostages" on CBS, starring Toni Collette and Dylan McDermott.


The February issue of Juxtapoz magazine features an interview with 3pop's own Silas Hite. Click to read an excerpt, and get the February issue to get the whole story.

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Off the Map

If you don't think a subaquatic amputation can be both tragic and beautiful, then you haven't heard Ben Decter's score for "Off the Map". Check out some video from the scoring session at Warner Brothers to see what we mean.

Rock Hard

Rock & Roll is alive & kikking in one of Silas Hite's many side-projects, Thunderdikk.

Clikk, and clikk hard.

Sim City Social

More city, less ville, all good.

EA 'Skate It'

"Crabtown" doesn't have quite the same ring as "Dogtown"... but it sure does sound tastier.