Dr. Nakamats - Bad Smell, Bad Camera
A short clip from the documentary scored by 3pop's Silas Hite about the often intriguing, always entertaining inventor Dr. Nakamats.
Love Letters - Act III - Sidewalk Sorrows
3pop's Ben Decter scores this PSA addressing the real-world issues of road and bicycle safety featuring the unique stop-motion animation of award-winning artist, Laura Yilmaz.
Chevy - Super Bowl XLVI Ad
A little advice from Chevy, with a little track from Silas on how to get your apps in gear.
Vegas - Big Time Couple
No matter what happens in Vegas, it should have original music.
Career Builder - "Mr. Pickles"
In case you thought you were having a rough day, here's an oldie-but-quirky composed by 3pop's Tom Schultz
Juicy Fruit - No Dummy
...and yet another dummy-themed spot from Tom's composing reel.
History Channel - American Pickers Promo
We didn't know Jack White collected Elephant heads either, but we did know which Thunderdikk track to use for the promo.
A classic from Silas Hite's archives featuring Giselle Bundchen for some computer company.
Funny or Die - Real Life Horse
Dave Franco & DeAndre Jordan play horse, and Silas Hite composes. Everyone wins.
McDonald's "Counter"
Aaron Takahashi is lovin' it - and so are we.